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Space Design Group aspires to be environmentally conscious and utilize sustainable designs in all aspects of their practice. We adhere by the Green Building Councils philosophy to promote spaces that are environmentally responsible, profitable and healthy spaces to live and work.

Our policy is to improve environmental quality through wise business decisions. These include conserving energy, reducing or eliminating waste, and recycling and properly disposing of remaining waste. We believe our responsibility to prevent pollution is compatible with successful business objectives. Improving productivity, efficiency and material handling requires regular review of operations. Our organization is actively working to achieve and maintain Green Star Standards and to be a model for other organizations and our community. 

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* Free consultation with turnkey project executed by SDG India

Sanjiv Chowdhury

  • Principal Interior Designer with 30 years experience in the field of Interior Design and Turnkey Interior Solutions. We are members of Institute of Indian Interior Designers-IIID and Indian Green Building Council-IGBC.



In Interior Design a task is only complete when absolute satisfaction is reached. Every interior design project that is rendered or composed is guaranteed to exceed all expectations when presented to the client.

Excellent Detail, Customer Care, Professional Service, Lifestyle, Comfort, Peace, Order

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Suchitra Chowdhury

  • Design Director handling Interior Design Projects for the last 20 years. I am a lifetime member of  the Institute of Indian Interior Designers-IIID

Interior Design Team : Our Success has come from the blood, sweat, 

                                               and tears of the Interior Designers and decorators involved, 

                                                    from all those who believed in doing great interior design work. 

                                                         Those who believed in adding value to life and giving their best effort


                                                                We design for prople, people are life, 

                                                                      and thats reason enough to excel and do our best for life around


                                                                             We love interior design    We love to take care     We value life

Anjana Susheel

Head - Interior Design Commercial

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Rita Chowdhury

Head - Client Relations

Rukmini Singh

Manager Interior Projects

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Commercial Interior Designer

Commercial Interior Projects

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3D Visualiser

Residential Interior Projects

Residential Interior Design

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Mittal Manani

Residential Interior 3D Designs

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Tushar Patil

Commercial Interior Design

3D Visualiser